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I finally launched the new ClickWP website, after almost a year of planning, designing, and 4 weeks of furious coding. Along with it is an all new branding by Reese Spykerman as well.

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Sweden With Love

Happy day! We are finally live! A brand new online experience. #swedenwithlove. Beautifully designed by @thedarlingtree. xo

Sweden With Love was a ClickWP project for Ulrica Wihlborg. It features a custom WordPress theme built on the Genesis Framework. Jo Klima from The Darling Tree created the design while I was responsible for coding the theme and site implementation.

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Don't expect me to work for free

Dear friends

Many of you know that I’m a WordPress expert for hire. Therefore I know you don’t mean any harm when you ask me to look at your blog when you have problems, or when you invite me for coffee to “discuss your website”.

However you should know that WordPress puts food on my table, and feeds this little guy.

Photo credit: Pei Chyi’s Instagram feed

In light of this knowledge, if you are asking for my help, it would be nice if you say right upfront that you’re happy to pay me (and not act surprised or peeved when I send you a price quote).

This way your site gets taken care of (like a boss), I get paid, Zack has a happy tummy and we can stay friends. Everybody wins!

Thanks a lot for your support and understanding. I value our friendship! Sincerely,


Maybank puts its users squarely in the driver's seat with M2U 2.0

One of the projects I’ve had the opportunity to work on in AGENDA is the launch of the new, dubbed M2U 2.0.

M2U 2.0 homepage. You like?

M2U 2.0 homepage. You like? And works in Safari too!

These past couple of weeks I had been helping to organise an Exclusive Preview of the new site for selected bloggers. The Exclusive Preview took place this past Monday at Delicious @ Marc Residence in KL.

Despite running around like a headless chicken for most of the night–I was so busy!–I had lots of fun. I managed to finally meet a lot of bloggers and friends that I’ve gotten to know through their blogs and Twitter like LiewCF, David Lian and Erna.

Maybank is my company’s client, but I’m a Maybank2u user and so here’s my take on M2U 2.0. Read More »

Back to work

A year ago I ditched my old job and began life as an entrepreneur. But this past month I’ve gone back to work for ‘the man’. In this case the man is AGENDA, a forward-looking interactive, digital agency. They’re forward-looking because they realise that the web is changing and that the social web is the next big thing. Which is the reason they’ve hired me.


At AGENDA, I’m the ‘social media guy’. I’m helping them wrap their brains around what social media means and to help build up their social media capabilities. My CEO is an early pioneer of web technology in Malaysia but he’s still learning and always wanting to improve.

Lots of people have asked why I decided to join AGENDA. Well, AGENDA gives me lots of opportunities to do social media work, with some really great clients. In this first month, I’m already working on clients like Xbox and Maybank. AGENDA is already a leader in digital media and once it incorporates social media into its portfolio, we’re pretty darn kick-ass.

Also, it turns out that I’m not such a great entrepreneur. Yes, I’m not afraid to strike it out on my own but I’m also not afraid to admit my shortcomings. Sure, I was paying my bills and I could probably also work with blue chip clients if I had continued on my path, but it would have taken much longer. AGENDA is a shortcut to my career goal I guess. Plus, I was disorganised as hell and a steady income and job security isn’t bad either…

So what happens to Buzzmedia? Well, existing clients will continue to be supported. I won’t be actively soliciting clients, but I’ll still help friends with their online marketing. In the meantime, the website will be a holding place for my upcoming book… ๐Ÿ˜›