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Epic troll of SMS spammer


I absolutely *detest* spammers so I got a kick out of how this guy turned the tables on his spammer. Originally shared on Facebook by Relax, it’s just Godzilla.

Happy Chinese New Year from the Wang family #instablog

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The most epic bowl of Maggi noodles I've ever seen


How do you turn an ordinary bowl of instant noodles into an epic one? By adding a humongous crab to the bowl of course!

The most epic bowl of Maggi noodles I’ve ever seen, courtesy of my friend Ezak’s Facebook photos.

Zack watching TV like a boss #instablog

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My Nike+ FuelBand rocks

Totally enjoying this fun little gadget. It’s not only fun, it’s helping me spend less time sitting on my bum!

Hit my Nike Fuel goal for today for the 1st time ever!

History of the Batmobiles

Batman is one of my all time favorite comic book characters. I’ve watched almost all of the Batman movies. There’s a documentary coming up about the Batmobiles and the picture above is taken from it.

My fave is the Tumbler Batmobile from the Christopher Nolan films. It’s so much more believable than the rest. I liked Tim Burton’s version as well, but Joel Schumacher’s Batmobiles make Batman look like some car crazy ah beng.

Crabs for birthday dinner *burp* #instablog

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Zack loves his Pororo #instablog

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It's not really about marketing


One of the reasons I gave up my old business name: too many non-marketing companies have “marketing” in their name

Thank you WordPress

Joining in with Brian Gardner and many others in publicly declaring our gratitude to WordPress, Matt Mullenweg and the awesome community.