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How to look like Batman, using your cat

Too funny!

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Every Tech Commercial – CollegeHumor

Whatever they’re selling, I’m buying!

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Epic troll of SMS spammer


I absolutely *detest* spammers so I got a kick out of how this guy turned the tables on his spammer. Originally shared on Facebook by Relax, it’s just Godzilla.

The most epic bowl of Maggi noodles I’ve ever seen


How do you turn an ordinary bowl of instant noodles into an epic one? By adding a humongous crab to the bowl of course!

The most epic bowl of Maggi noodles I’ve ever seen, courtesy of my friend Ezak’s Facebook photos.

Stormtrooper Happiness


This image has been floating around Facebook and Twitter for a while now and I really got a kick out of it. I think this is the source of the image: Jay Mug – Stormtrooper Happiness

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Little Girl Joins the Dark Side on Stage at Disneyland

This is awesome. Via urlesque.

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Caption of the day.

Via James on Twitter

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Have you seen him?

Have you seen him?

Have you seen him? by Flickr user phildesignart. Via Boing Boing.