Maybank SWIFT code and routing number

Last year I signed up with Braintree to process payments for my business. They needed to know my bank details to send me the money. I couldn’t find reliable sources of these details online, so I had to reach out directly to Maybank and an old contact there to get these.


Routing number: not applicable, see Twitter conversation below

Branch code/number:

Your branch number is contained in your account number, specifically digits 2–6. If your account number is 1123530XXXXX, 12353 is your branch number. (The first digit indicates the account type).

Hope you find this info useful!

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  • Thanks!

  • Ooi Pei Pei says


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  • Apparao a/l Apana says

    I opened account at Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman Branch many years ago. Currently the branch is closed.
    Therefore, which address do I use for my account No : 1140204…. for receiving TT from other countries.

    • As you can see from Maybank’s reply, you only need the SWIFT code. Don’t need anything else.

  • Janet says

    Is the swift code the same no matter where your branch is?

  • Ronnie Tan says

    Hi David, did you enter a dummy routing number in the end? the routing number field is mandatory.

    • Can’t remember. Can you try to enter “N/A” ?

      • Ronnie Tan says

        thanks, will try.

  • What business you do my friend. Mind sharing? πŸ˜€

  • Esther says

    Is there any account in Maybank starts with 4?

  • routing number for Maybank Berhad Bank : 026001287

    • Leslie says

      Hi bro, the routing number for Maybank is it true or just created by you?? Bcos myself saw the routing number and gave to us banking and mentioned that is invalid.. So until now still pending my money at us.. Bro any idea that can aolve, pls update to me thamk you.

      • As I said in my article (and the screenshot from Maybank), they don’t use routing number. They only use SWIFT code


    Hi, I have a question…What will happen if mistaken enter a swift code..Example the swift code is a malaysian swift code but its for international maybank, International maybank it,s not a individual account..Should i received the transfer cash too. My siblings have mistaken enter the swift code not for individuals account.
    Do anyone in this chat have experience it like this. What will happen and what should i do…Please advise me.

    • If you make a mistake I think the transaction will fail but you will probably still have to pay the transaction fee. Please check with your bank to make sure you don’t make any mistakes.

  • Hi, the branch code is digits 2-5 or 2-6? You mentioned 12353 in your article, which is 5 digits.

  • Kamarul Azizi Omar says

    Thanks. It’s help.

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