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How to: Apply for the position of "International Money Launderer"

Are you unwittingly being recruited as a phising mule?

Here’s an email that I received today.

Seems like an amazing opportunity to make free money right? Wrong.

This is an attempt to recruit you as a phishing mule, or in plain English, an international money launderer.

Clueless email recipients are enticed by the prospect of an easy way to make money online and some will actually respond and apply to be the representative of ENFOSOFT. In actual fact they are being recruited as mules.

What happens next is that the phisher / hacker logs into the account of phishing victims and then transfers their money out to the mule. The mule then transfers 80% of the funds back to ‘ENFOSOFT’ through an untraceable bank account and happily keeps his 20% of the share. Later when the police investigates the phishing victim’s bank account, the mule becomes an accessory to international money laundering.

I’m not making this up. More details on how this works at

Doing some Googling around, I found that you can report these phishing mule recruitment activities to the FBI in the US or BankSafe in the UK. I don’t know how to report it here in Malaysia though. If you know how, please let me know in the comments.

Also, please help spread the word so that your relatives–think of your blur blur auntie–and friends do not fall into this trap. Please tweet this post or share it on Facebook.