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Why I Will Never, Ever Hire A "Social Media Expert"

Peter Shankman wrote an epic post on Business Insider called Why I Will Never, Ever Hire A “Social Media Expert“. The 1st sentence tells you that you’re in for a good rant:

I was going to call this article “All ‘Social Media Experts’ Need To Go Die In A Fire,” but I figured I should be nicer than that.

The author’s ultimate point is that social media is not a magic pill that will make your company successful. To achieve success, the formula is “solid marketing and stellar customer service, just like it’s been since the beginning of time”. He goes on to explain how companies should be using social media – by being transparent, relevant, brief and by knowing your customer.

I realized this some time ago too. This is why I’m not all out to get more followers and fans and have been much more personal and quieter on Twitter and my blog. I don’t want to be blogging and tweeting for traffic and followers because I want to be blogging and tweeting for me. Social media is a means to an end, not the end itself. Social media is also not a popularity contest.

Then again, it is a social environment and in every one you’ll have those who try to be Mr and Ms Popularity. I guess it means there’s no escaping these guys. Luckily, my Twitter client of choice has a mute button.

Google drops H.264 support from Chrome: Who's interest does this serve?

Earlier this month, Google announced that it will drop support for the popular H.264 video codec from it’s Chrome browser. Being the web geek that I am, I’ve researched and thought about and wrestled with this issue to the detriment of my productivity.

And after all that I have come to the following conclusion: Google is at it again. And by ‘it’ I mean being two-faced liars who have lost my trust.

For background on this issue, see these 2 excellent articles:

I want to believe that Google’s decision was motivated by the desire to help advance adoption of HTML5 video, which would make publishing video on the web so much easier. I really wish that Google is sincere in it’s claim of wanting to build an open web by promoting WebM, their open source video codec.
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[RANT] Why I stopped trusting Google

Lately I’ve been telling many of my friends to be very careful about Facebook because they don’t take our privacy seriously. This past week another company joins that list – Google. In addition to privacy, their business practices also make me highly suspicious of them.

Google’s recent actions have made me stop trusting them. I admit, these are very geek reasons that many of my friends won’t understand, but they’ve made me seriously reconsider my relationship to Google and how much I should support them.

Here’s the short version. They’re a great company but they hide behind their unoficial motto of “Don’t be evil” when they are clearly happy to be a little evil. I hate it that they’re two-faced, because I can’t trust people that are two-faced.

So now, if you’ve got a little time to listen to me rant, here’s why I stopped trusting Google: Read More »

Over Capacity

Twitter is over capacity. Again. Then again, the picture they put up is real cute.

Bubblegum Dance

I hate this genre of music known as bubblegum dance, especially when my gym plays it the whole day long. Vengaboys, Aqua, Cartoons – how can you put up with them??