Earth Hour, the day after

I’m pretty sure many Malaysians turned off the lights for an hour yesterday for Earth Hour 2009. Unfortunately I’m also pretty sure that many Malaysians will totally forget about what Earth Hour was about, and continue not caring about the environment.

IMHO, the way Earth Hour Malaysia was promoted it looked more like a commercial event rather than a drive to raise awareness about the environment. Let’s be clear, I’m not saying that it was promoted as a commercial event, I’m just saying it looked that way.

But if you Earth Hour did help to convict you to be more environmentally conscious, I want to share some of the things Pei Chyi and I do to play our part for the environment.

  1. Use energy saving light bulbs. Yup they are more expensive but it’s the easiest way you can help the environment. In our small little apartment, 12/15 light bulbs are energy saving bulbs.
  2. Reduce the use of plastic bags. I get kinda annoyed when I buy just 1 thing from the supermarket and they present it to me in a bag at the check-out. Thank goodness more supermarkets are promoting re-usable bags.
  3. Use your own laundry shirt covers. The laundry we use packages each shirt in a plastic cover. I grew so guilty of all that wasted plastic that we bought shirt covers from IKEA and send them along with the shirts to the laundry now.
  4. Drive an environmental friendly car. I could probably afford a bigger car, but I’m happy with my 1.2l Proton Savvy. Less than RM50 for 400km per full tank. Great fuel economy!
  5. I use the one of the greenest MacBooks ever! Hehe actually I bought the MacBook for a different reason but it doesn’t hurt that it’s environmental friendly!

So those are some of the ways I do my part for the environment. They are little things I know but they are things I do consistently, and not just turning off the lights for an hour a year.  Stay green!

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  • Leona says

    yea we use energy saving bulbs throughout the house and mostly don’t turn them all on at once, plus we can also use all energy saving electronics such as fridge, washing machine, and air cond.

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