WooThemes has released a new plugin that turns your regular ol’ WordPress blog into a tumblog. All that is required is to install the plugin and change a few lines of code in your theme’s templates. I’m using it now on this blog and found it pretty straightforward to integrate.

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  • Marty Stevens says

    Notice you’re using the Headway theme as well. Did you have to use the Woo plug-in because Headway couldn’t do what the plug-in can? I’m confused here – why have a theme then use a plug-in to make it look different?

  • blogjunkie says

    Hi Marty, yes I am using Headway. Headway allows me to change the layout of the site without any coding. The WooTumblog plugin provides additional functionality that isn’t part of Headway, like:

    * New post types. In addition to articles I get links, images, quotes, audio, video etc
    * When I post links, it modifies the post title to link directly to the web page instead of the single post
    * A quick post dashboard widget to make posting much quicker.

    I’ve got a lot of questions about this already so I’ll be posting a tutorial soon. Thanks for stopping by!

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