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Attempting to automatically post selected instagrams to my blog.. #instablog

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My super cool Father's Day greeting


Check out what Pei Chyi made for me. Makes me feel bad i didn’t do as much for her for Mother’s Day 😛

Rob the Robot sketch #madewithpaper


Rob the Robot is one of Zack’s favorite cartoons. He’s always asking me to “Draw robot. Draw robot!” I’ve been drawing it enough that I can sketch the characters freehand with Paper, the cool, whimsical iPad drawing app by 53. What do you think?

Ya feeling lucky today, punk?


We’re all enjoying my Nerf

Cool dude

There's a new bad ass in town.. and his name is Zack

Zack looks killer with my Nerf gun and tiger-stripe sunnies

4 Years


And today makes it 4 years. Muaks muaks muaks Pei Chyi. Love you.

Stormtrooper Happiness


This image has been floating around Facebook and Twitter for a while now and I really got a kick out of it. I think this is the source of the image: Jay Mug – Stormtrooper Happiness

Mobile office? How about Mobile Business?

Portable business

Laptop + hard drive + internet = everything I need to run my business.

Also enjoying my holiday very much 😉

Merry Christmas

Here’s wishing you a very
Merry Christmas
and a new year that’s bursting with joy,
beautiful memories and good fortune.


My new iPhone wallpaper


Here’s the wallpaper currently adorning my new iPhone 4S.

Go Away by Gemma Correll. Free download on Poolga