SocialRank: The Discovery Engine for the Blogosphere

Powered by SocialRankIn a few hours, a host of portals powered by will be unleashed on to the blogosphere. SocialRank is an algorithm that monitors millions of blogs of a topic and determining the hottest posts of the day by monitoring the attention of the blogosphere. Basically, its Digg + + Technorati all rolled into one, happening automatically and democratically via an advanced mathematical algorithm. SocialRank has the potential to be one of the greatest technologies of the internet since Google’s PageRank.

To see an example portal powered by SocialRank, check out Malaysia DailyVoices which aggregates blog posts from across Malaysia and picks out the most attention grabbing ones. For a full list of the 30 portals launching on 1 Oct, check out the SocialRank website.

SocialRank is the product of MindValley, an internet startup based in Malaysia. Yep, SocialRank is a made-in-Malaysia product. A few months ago I had the opportunity to visit MindValley and meet up with their founders who shared with me some of their plans for SocialRank. I wish them all the best because while I love sites like Digg that help us find interesting news online, I think there’s lots of evidence to suggest that it can be gamed easily. I like MindValley’s approach because they make use of a super smart algorithm, and we all loved the algorithm-powered Google don’t we?

Edited 1 Oct for accuracy. 

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  • Vishen says

    Hi David – thanks for the mention. Truly appreciate it.

    We’re launching a SocialRank powered site for Mac too. As you know – I’m a big Mac fan. I was wondering if you’d like an exclusive scoop on AppleFever? If so – let me know and I’ll give you the whole scoop.

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