Here’s a guest post I contributed to the Headway blog:

Recently I launched a redesign of my personal blog ( which essentially turned it into a tumblog. I achieved the look and functionality with the Headway theme and the WooTumblog plugin. I received a few questions about the redesign so here is a tutorial on how you can do the same with your Headway blog.

What is a tumblog / tumblelog?

Some people were confused with the concept of a tumblog so I thought I would explain it first.

A tumblog is a publishing tool that is in between Twitter (140 characters) and full-blown blogging (500+ words). It’s great for times when you have more to say than what Twitter will allow, but not so much that it deserves an entire blog post. I simply wanted to post a link / image / video and add a comment to it, without worrying about the post formatting. A tumblog is perfect for that.

Five Nerds and Projectionist are typical examples of tumblogs–short form snippets of content with occasional long posts.

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