WTOTW: Learn about viral videos and trending topics with Know Your Meme

I share a web tip on my podcast every week. For #LOLshow Episode 22, the featured tip is Know Your Meme, the Internet Meme Database.

A funny thing happened while we were recording Episode 20. After we had recorded the show, we noticed that the term ‘Zangief’ was trending on Twitter. We went, huh?, not knowing why the term was trending.

Later, I realized the reason the term was trending was because of a video of a schoolkid putting the smackdown on a bully at school. Because of his awesome Street Fighter style body slam on the bully, the kid was nicknamed ‘Zangief kid’ and the video went viral. You can see the video and the entire back story on the Zangief kid meme on its database entry on the Know Your Meme website.

The site is a great resource if you have ever asked yourself questions like:

The website has editors that continuously update the pages on the memes. If there’s a back story, hoax or marketing campaign behind the meme, chances are you’ll find out the full story on Know Your Meme.

Check it out – http://knowyourmeme.com/

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