Running for Beginners, taught via YouTube videos!

Running is easy right? You put 1 foot in front of the other and repeat. But if you run over long distances at faster speed, you put a lot of stress on your ankles, knees and hips. So the correct running technique is important so that you can run more efficiently and avoid injuries.

I’ve turned into quite the running addict on my fitness journey. (LOL! I know right?) However after starting to run further and faster, I found that my joints hurt! I realized that my running technique was off. So I began researching proper running technique online and found surprisingly that you can learn a lot from YouTube videos.

I’m made a playlist of the best videos that I found on YouTube called Running for Beginners. It’s a compilation of videos that teaches beginners the basics of proper running technique, mistakes to avoid and choosing the right pair of shoes. I wanted to provide a little bit of context for each video so I’ve annotated the videos below.

The Elements of Good Form Running

The first thing I learnt when researching running techniques was that there are many running techniques and styles. Who would’ve thought?! Many of them seemed overly complicated to me. The one that made the most sense and seemed to be the most straightforward to me was the Good Form Running technique. Good Form Running advocates 4 elements – posture, cadence, landing on your midfoot and leaning forward while running. This video provides a quick introduction to the technique.

Good Form Running UPDATE

This video demonstrates the 4 Good Form Running elements in detail. It seems a little old, and you can find more recent videos at the following websites:

New Balance Good Form Running

Running Tips: How to Stretch Before Running

So now that you know the proper running technique, let’s get out there! But make sure you warm up to prevent injuries. This video advocates “active stretching” to warm up and stretch at the same time.

How to Avoid Heel Strike

Landing on the heel while running, or heel strike, was a real problem for me. It caused painful shin splints and really put the brakes on my running for days. Danny Dreyer is the inventor of the Chi Running technique but the main takeaway from this video is why heel strikes are no good. Hopefully this will motivate you to change your running form and not land on your heel.

The 5 Biggest Mistakes Beginner Marathoners Make

Here are a couple more mistakes that runners make. At this point you’re probably like me wondering how running became so complicated!

Running with Eric: Run Drills and Techniques

Running coach Eric Orton shows us some drills to learn the correct running technique. He advocates landing on the forefoot while the Good Form Running technique I prefer advocates landing on the midfoot. I decided that as long as I avoid landing on my heel, it doesn’t matter too much if I land on my forefoot or midfoot.

Principles of Natural Running

Dr. Mark Cucuzzella blew my mind in this video – he runs faster than most people I know barefoot! Yes, he runs without shoes! This video is a little more technical but I found it to be a great explanation of the biomechanics of running and how to be more efficient when running. He also runs through a few drills to practice your running technique.

Overpronation: What is it?

Another important thing to learn is the pronation of your foot. This video shows a common gait pattern that many of us have. Your gait pattern will determine the best type of shoe for you.

How To Choose The Right Running Shoe

If you overpronate, you’ll need a stability running shoe. Otherwise you’ll need a neutral or cushion running shoe. This video shows you how to recognize the 2 main types of running shoe.


And now, in less time than your lunch break, you’ve learnt the basic running techniques and how to get the most out of your run just by watching YouTube videos 🙂 I’d love to hear from more experienced runners so if you’d like to share your thoughts (or ask a question), please feel free to do so in the comments below. Thanks!

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