Celcom March launch

I spoke to one of Celcom’s Product Development managers last week and he revealed that Celcom was working on a project that will be unveiled at the end of the month. HSDPA perhaps? I’m guessing it will more likely be a major content deal since they’ve demonstrated great savvy in their recent marketing tie-ups.

You heard it here first ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  • Stephen Wong says

    Celcom did launch its newest portal recently – channelx.com.my. It’s really great with lots of downloads available, there’s music, movies, ringtones, games…

  • webpixie says

    yah… i heard about but i didn’t know the exact URL. now i know. wow! they got Lee Hom, my fav!

  • Joseph says

    Is the exact URL http://www.channelx.com.my?
    I just check out the website. It has all the latest downloads which i can show it to my friends.

    So i need not have to look through all those magazines for those new ringtones and all. Just go to this website and download everything you need. Latest songs and movies also got!

    I think its latest because its in the website, so all latest la.

  • Karen says

    I checked out the Channel X website the other day, and I have to say. Wow! Not bad dude! Celcom is really bringing it on. I was really into the music, i was looking for the song “fergelicious” and i download it istantly.

  • hmm.. you guys all suspiciously sound like Celcom employees…

  • anonymous says

    haha, but celcom is really good la. my only complain is why i didn’t switch to celcom much earlier

  • Karen says

    haha… nope. not working for Celcom. i went there coz my fren told me. anyway, with the Spiderman 3 movie out, i actually went back to channelx.com.my to download some stuff, including a cool Venom!

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